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Xuzhou sanyuan automation technology co., LTD. Customer service guarantee system

1. maintenance personnel organization

The company has set up a special maintenance department to provide after-sales service. All the maintenance personnel have received good systematic technical training and have rich on-site maintenance experience.

Maintenance personnel are responsible for the after-sales service of the company's products. Mainly including technical support, question answering, quality records and so on. To provide on-site maintenance services for equipment up to normal operation, and to enable users to use it properly.

2. Regular maintenance

Contact customers regularly. The company is responsible for providing a one-year free warranty in case of equipment problems, and guarantee that the company will provide spare parts for faulty equipment parts within 10 years after the warranty period.

3. Troubleshooting and repair

The main purpose of equipment maintenance is to minimize the downtime and resume production as soon as possible, which can be achieved by users from the following two aspects: 1. Technical personnel will follow when on-site installation and debugging; 2.

4. System maintenance

After system acceptance, delivery and operation, the equipment appears free warranty within 1 year. Responsible for lifetime maintenance after 1 year, but relevant maintenance fees shall be charged (relevant maintenance fees shall be separately negotiated by both parties, and a maintenance agreement shall be signed).

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